SCHIP Hypocrite of the Day: Marsha Blackburn

Google news is currently featuring a comment by Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) on the House of Representatives' failed attempt to override President Bush's veto of the SCHIP expansion. The comment reads in part:

"I remain committed to working with my colleagues across the aisle to reauthorize the State Children's Health Insurance Program to protect underprivileged children who currently lack health insurance. However, I cannot support legislation that will expand the welfare state, provide government health care benefits to illegal immigrants, and irresponsibly draw-down the public purse."

That's a nice, principled statement. Apparently, though, it only applies to legislation that's being pushed by Democrats. In 2003, Blackburn voted in favor of the Medicare prescription drug benefit - the one that irresponsibly draws down the public purse by barring the government from using it's purchasing power to negotiate for lower prices on the drugs.

Of course, that was her statement as of 2003. People do change - even conservatives - on occasion. Maybe her views shifted over the last few years, and she would have voted for more fiscal responsibility if the medicare thing came up for a vote this year. Oh, wait, what's that you say? A bill that would have modified the Medicare legislation by allowing for price negotiations did come up for a vote this year? If Blackburn's opposed to irresponsibly drawing-down the public purse, then she obviously voted in favor of that bill, right?


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