Zuska's Dreamy New Hunka Burning Love

oh. my. fucking. god.

I sooooooo wish I had thought of inventing FEMINIST HULK!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am in love with Feminist Hulk. In love. LOVE! Love, I say!

Hat tip Rebecca of Adventures in Applied Math.

UPDATE: Ms. Magazine interview with my new love!

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By beccasmash (not verified) on 09 Jun 2010 #permalink

Zuska, I am also in love with FEMINIST HULK. I would do FEMINIST HULK's taxes for free, that's how much I love FEMINIST HULK.

In fact, one of my friends at work thought I might be FEMINIST HULK, because I have been talking about SMASHing particularly frustrating things at work for years. No, I am not that awesome, but I am inspired anew by FEMINIST HULK to SMASH male privilege into hegemonic shrapnel.