Obama and Huckabee win Iowa Caucuses

(yes another polical entry - don't worry, I'll soon be back to posting about science)

Some notes on last night's caucus results:

- Obama was the only major candidate not tarnished by a vote for the war. People are rewarding candidates for their past stances and punishing others who took politically expedient stances. Punishment is the voter's greatest tool to control political matters. Future senators take note.
- The number of caucus goers for the Democratic delegate elections almost doubled (from 125K in 2004 to 230K in 2008). Republican turnout was only 108K.
- Obama won in a very white state. The country is ready for a black president.
- According to the NY Times, many Democratic caucus goers were independents. That's good for the Dems and great for Obama.

- Romney loses despite the fact that he's pandered to every major Republican constituency (religious conservatives, fiscal conservatives and hawks). Either Republican voters can see that he's not genuine (having reversed himself over many "core" republican issues), or evangelicals are so narrow minded that Romney's religion (which didn't matter in liberal Massachusetts) was a major disadvantage in evangelical land. And they say that it's the liberals who are religiously intolerant!
- As mentioned above, the GOP has been controlled by the fiscal conservatives. The main agenda under Bush II has been the dismantling of FDR's new deal. They have been winning elections primarily by pandering to the religious right, but not enacting much of the religious right's agenda. Now this strategy has backfired. Although Huckabee is a bonafide evangelical, he is progressive on most economic matters. Evangelicals turned away from all the other candidates which did not satisfy their religious tests. The fiscal conservatives must be panicking. Will they attack Huckabee? I think that I see the great alliance falling to bits. America is a better place.
- Ron Paul did very well and Giuliani didn't. It looks like the GOP leadership has lost control of its flock. I wonder who Fox News will support now?


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Watching the news last night, I imagined for a moment Obama at the White House. For me that was the vision of a United States making a true leap forward into the 21st century. One that's ready for a President from a minority group, one that rejects preemptive war and embraces diplomacy for foreign policy, one that is not lead by corporate money and interests, or held hostage by the imposed values of fringe religious elements. Clearly this country is ready not only for change, but for some real vision and inspiration.

- Obama won in a very white state. The country is ready for a black president.
- According to the NY Times, many Democratic caucus goers were independents. That's good for the Dems and great for Obama.

As a white person I don't have a problem with this. Morgan Freeman has been playing President as well as other Black men. It's a tough job, but I think a man from any race could do a good job. Oh Ya, I better say woman too! LOL!
Dave Briggs :~)

Listening to Obama speak gives me goosebumps. It's like the feeling I used to get listening to Bill Clinton back in the day. They both make me feel like if we all work together, we can make this country even better. They make me proud to be an American, a feeling I haven't had for the past 7 years.

As a native Iowan, I'm proud of my home state for what they did last night. My brother was a precinct captain for Obama, and said it was absolute chaos there last night.