Huuuuuge sale of science books from Columbia Press

i-75fa6f7cebb4145668724f37f5a52b36-steve_icon_medium.jpg There is a huuuuge sale on science books (and other categories...literature theory, anthro, whatever) at Columbia Press. They are all well above 50% off. It looks like there are a bunch of interesting titles. Check it out!


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I just redesigned a magazine: Natures Corner and our first issue was an Alex/Pepperberg special.

Publisher Maggie Wright is friends with Dr. Pepperberg and the stories in the magazine are written mostly by people who worked with Alex or knew him in some way.

Dr. Pepperberg will have a book published in the fall that is something to look forward too.

Alex, probably the most famous bird in the world and the most famous Opera singer in the world died on the same week. The New York Times and NPR's web sites had more letters about Alex.

Animals are smart and anyone who has had a dog would know this, but a bird who spoke our language is really something.

Washoe also died last year. She was the first chimpanzee to learn American Sign Language.

Kudos to Alex, Washoe, Irene and Roger

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Informal Press Release: contact

Bernd Heinrich: Scientist, Biologist, Naturalist and VISUAL ARTIST.
Princeton Museum of Art and Science in Second Life.

Drawings and watercolors by Bernd Heinrich.

"I have a "visual" memory, and like to preserve something of plants and animals that have in some way appealed to me aesthetically, emotionally and intellectually. The subject is filtered through the mind and through my experience with it, and so I hope it captures some of that without sacrificing accuracy. It feels like creating something and at the same time being true to what it is. I like the tension. I sketched very sporadically, haphazardly, for a long time because it seemed like an indulgence. Later, after I had published my first book, I found it difficult to instruct someone just how I wanted a drawing done, because they saw the object differently. So I tried doing my own and the publishers accepted them, so now I had a "perfect excuse" to spend time doing what I loved to do�"

Bernd Heinrich

The show is still being installed. 50 images are up as of now.

Bernd Heinrich is a unique scientist. He has published many books; studied ravens, bees, an owl, animals in winter and many other topics. He has also beautifully illustrated and made watercolors for these books. He has made many important contributions/discoveries to science/academia and would like to share them with you. His art work is quite accomplished and enjoyable.

Peter Colen

By Peter Colen (not verified) on 08 Jun 2008 #permalink