The dog is licking my toes and this is pretty funny

i-75fa6f7cebb4145668724f37f5a52b36-steve_icon_medium.jpg"I guess a lot of you already know that "liberel" isn't a real word. But it sure was news to me! And now my face is as red as a mooseburger cooked up rare and painted in lipstick!" haha....

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Seriously... I'm totally amazed. I've seen pigeons play ping pong (well more like real life pong). But this is amazing. Check it out:
This gallery is sweet! The Online gallery of modern and vintage psychiatric drug advertising has a large selection of some pretty scary old drug advertisements and packaging. Like these: I wonder what the people of the future are going to say about our current psychiatric system? HT: Dave
So... my girlfriend studies categories and concepts and her adviser wanted her to show a video for her first year project. Of course I went out to youtube and tried to find something sensible since I'm procrastinating right now on my psych 100 syllabus - and of course I found something absolutely…
I love antique anatomical drawings of the brain. I even have a couple in my office that I should probably take a picture of to show off to you guys. These illustrations from Japan are particularly interesting. According to Pink Tentacle: The Kaibo Zonshinzu anatomy scrolls, painted in 1819 by…

When the joke is so elaborate as to stymy the patience of a person with 160 IQ I guess the joke aint funny. I tried but just could not find the patience for your rather trying material.

Freemon Sandlewould:

I think you mean "stymie." You may want to spellcheck any posts in which you mention your IQ.

Steve, while perusing your columns i thought about the licking toes part. Scroll down to Dalmatian Saved My Life and read about Gillian Lacey, and then you yourself consider a visit to the doctor.

Shelley, pester Steve until he makes an appointment with the doctor, please? I'm as serious as cancer.