How to Host a Nifty Fifty Speaker

i-203898baf00928aafd57cf07dd5bb38f-niftyfifty.jpgEver wonder about the kind of chemistry that happenings during a Thanksgiving meal?

Ever looked up at the sky and wondered if there was life out there?

Or even just want to fly up into space?

Want to be inspired by a migrant worker who became a neurosurgeon?

Wonder about the physics of superheros?

Watch too much CSI and wonder what a career in forensic science would be like?

Read stories about the Kraken of the sea and wonder what monsters lie beneath?

The 'Nifty Fifty' are a group of noted professionals who will fan out across the Washington, DC area next October to speak about their work and careers at various middle and high schools.Maybe you are a middle or high school teacher in the Washington DC area interested in having one of Nifty Fifty Speakers from the USA Science and Engineering Festival come and visit your classroom to answer these types of questions. Read more about Nifty Fifty Speakers here.

Nifty Fifty applications are ready to be filled out! Find out about how to apply here.
Application Deadline: May 31

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