See a Kavli Video Contest Top 10 Finalist: How Physics Affects Basketball


What are your ages?
Yanqi Chen-15, Brandon King-15, Weiyuan Tian-17, Sean Sarve-18, Alex Taylor-18

Where do you go to school?
Central York High School in York,PA

What are your favorite subjects?
Yanqi Chen- Mathematics and Science (specifically Chemistry and Physics), Brandon King- Science (Chemistry), Weiyuan Tian- Mathematics (Integral Calculus), Sean Sarve- Science and Psychology, Alex Taylor- Music

What inspired you to make this video?
There is a saying that necessity is the mother of invention. It was our shared belief that it's times like these that this quote is as paramount as ever. There are so many world wide problems right now that need science and innovation to fix. Problems such as Global Warning and the strive for effective alternative energy. These problems will no-doubt require creative and motivated 21st century scientists and engineers to solve; individuals who we believe the world and specifically the U.S. are in lack of currently. As five friends who love playing basketball together, we were inspired to create this video so that we could in turn share our passion with others and hopefully intrigue some people that may have never liked science to give it a second look. Who knows, maybe some of those very people will be ones who find the cure for cancer!

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this was a good page how did you come up with this topic? i love basketball so that is what made me choose this one.

how much research did you do to make your video happen? what were some problems you ran into when doing this science experiment?

@anthony: As far as research goes, not too much was required. We were lucky in that some of us already had pretty solid background's in physics. Anyhow, we dedicated around five hours over the course of two days to simply brainstorm and research various concepts that could have possibly been included in the video. Obviously the 90 second time limit was an important factor for consideration in our final decisions. Also, I'm not quite sure what you meant by "science experiment."

By Yanqi Chen (not verified) on 27 Sep 2010 #permalink

well it was kind of a expierement if you think about it because you are proving your myth.

what was it like doing the expierement?

By zach jeff (not verified) on 15 Oct 2010 #permalink