Come the Festival to Hear Featured Author Theodore Gray!


"The periodic table is the universal catalog of everything you can drop on your foot"
--Theodore Gray

You have the amazing opportunity to hear from best-selling author Theodore Gray at this year's USA Science and Engineering Festival Book Fair! Gray will be speaking at the Teen Non-Fiction Festival Stage at 11:50 am on Saturday, April 28th. His newest book is Theodore Gray's Elements Vault: Treasures of the Periodic Table with Removable Archival Documents and Real Element Samples - Including Pure Gold! Gray's other books, The Elements and Mad Science, are international bestsellers, as is the wildly popular The Elements for iPadebook.

i-ca5de46092349442e3cf0290df3d0743-Gray.jpgTheodore Gray's Elements Vault picks up where The Elements left off. Organized into the nine major groups of the periodic table, including the alkali metals, the alkali earth metals, the transition metals, the nonmetals, the metalloids, the halogens, the noble gases, the actinides, and the lanthanides, Elements Vault includes all new text, new photographs, and even more information about the elements.

Elements Vault also includes 20 removable historic documents related to the elements and the field of chemistry, such as Einstein's famous letter to Roosevelt explaining the potential of uranium for use in nuclear weapons, a genuine advertisement for lithium-laced 7UP soda, Mendeleev's original notes on the periodic table, and more. Each of these documents is individually packaged in an envelope attached to the book page. The document can be removed and handled and then put back into the book for safekeeping. Also included is a gorgeous 20â³ x 10â³ poster of the unique rainbow spectrum emitted by each element in the periodic table.i-4eb0db5e66d810874cc843a68322bd4b-Elements_Vault_COV_HIRES.jpg

Along with all the information and fascinating facts about the elements, readers will discover the irresistible dry wit and humor of chemist and Popular Science contributor Theodore Gray. Cecil Adams, of "The Straight Dope" says, "Gray...has attained a level of near superhuman geekery that the rest of us can only mutely admire."

"Even if this book weren't absolutely gorgeous, it would still be a worthwhile investment because of how well it works as Coffee Table Education. This is when you leave a book lying around that is so tempting the kids pick it up and start learning stuff without even being asked! Delightful."
--Wired's "GeekDad"

For more information about the Festival Featured Author Theodore Gray visit our website and once again don't miss out on the opportunity to hear Gray in person on April 28th.

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