Do You Love Science? Have a Twitter Account? Want to help 4000 students come to the Expo?


Constellation Energy is running a "tweet" a promotion of the USA Science Festival and the Constellation E2 Grants program until next Friday Oct 15th. For each twitter user's "re-tweet" constillation Energy will donate $10 to the USA Science Festival (up to $10,000). And here is something to sweeten the deal. For every $10 raised, the Festival will match $10 so we have the potential of raising $20,000!! This money will be used for bus grants for inner city Washington DC students to come to the Expo. If we can get 1000 RTs, that means $20,000 to bring 4000 student to the Expo. So get RETWEETING!!

Things to know about the contest:
1)It ends Next Friday Oct 15th.
2) ELIGIBILITY. E2 : Energy to EducateSM Grants Retweet Campaign is open to anyone who has a Twitter account and who is at least 18 years of age, including Constellation Energy employees and affiliate and subsidiary employees.

And the best part:
3) You may retweet as many times as you like. However, you must not use automated tweets, retweets or bots. (more info on 'terms' of the campagin here here)

What to do NOW?!

1)Go to @ConstellationEG on Twitter. Or find the tweet here.
2)Find the following tweet and RT it.

Pls RT @ConstellationEG E2 Grants program will donate $10 per RT of this post up to $10K to @USAScienceFest

3)Tell your Followers to do the same.

It's as simple as that. Allow us to bring 4000 students to the Expo.

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