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Celebrate science at the National Mall
Love science? Take the family to the USA Science and Engineering Festival in DC this October.
Wed, Oct 06 2010 at 5:56 AM EST

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Hold on to your microscopes science lovers. The USA Science and Engineering Festival is coming soon to Washington D.C. and it's bringing with it all kinds of sciencey goodness for kids and adults of all ages.

From October 10th-24th, the festival will host various science-related presentations and shows around the D.C. area. As part of the event, you can learn how to build a solar powered robot at DeVry University, take a tour of a school garden at Thurgood Marshall Academy, or take in an evening or "Rational Comedy for an Irritational Planet," at Georgetown University. Check out the Calendar of Events to see what's going on and where.

Then for the grand finale, be sure to check out the Festival Expo on October 23rd and 24th. The expo features more than 1500 fun, hands-on activities and over 75 stage shows. Kids can chat with Albert Einstein, meet a Nobel Laureate, perform robotic surgery, learn about the hottest green technologies, and much more.

To get the most out of the event, you can also follow certain "tracks" to find exhibits that meet your families' interests. So if, for example, you happen to be a family interested in going green, you can follow the "What Does It Mean To Be A Green?" track to find exhibits such as "Do You Want to Become An Earth Doctor," "Robots: Red, White, and Green," or "Eco-Positive Plastics: Out of the Vortex and Into Useful Products."

There's plenty for little kids to see too, with exhibits like "Slithering Science," "Talkin' Trash," or "The Secret Science of Candy."

Can't make it to the DC event? You can still celebrate science at one of 50 satellite festival locations across the country.

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