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This week we have found a couple of bloggers who have promoted the festival on their blogs! A shout out to Dr. Stephanie Chasteen at sciencegeekgirl with a blog post this week about the festival!

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From sciencegeek girl's blog post on March 10:
USA Science & Engineering Festival - October in DC

Sorry I neglected to write a post with real content last week, but I have one in the works! Stay tuned. For now, though, here's a note about an science festival event in DC that they're trying to create some advance buzz on. I'm a big fan of science festivals -- bring science to the streets, and have people run across it who wouldn't usually go out of their way to go to a science museum or science talk. We have art festivals, music festivals, why not science festivals? There's a big tradition of this in Europe, apparently, and we're trying to learn their style. I know there were a lot of sessions on science festivals at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) meetings several years back. Apparently this festival (which is the first nationwide festival!) are inspired by those international efforts. Interestingly enough, it's led by an entrepreneur and venture capitalist (Larry Bock), with a science bent, rather than a scientist. Kudos. Sounds like someone who knows how to get things done!

Here's the info on the event in DC:

USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo Dates: October 23 & 24, 2010; 10:00am-5:30pm; This event is free of charge - no tickets required
What is the universe made of? Why did dinosaurs go extinct? What do magic tricks and hip-hop have to with math? What can amphibians and reptiles tell us about the environment? What do engineers have to do with baseball? Find out at the first ever USA Science & Engineering Festival Expo on the National Mall! Explore science & engineering with hundreds of free, hands-on activities and over 40 science shows on three different stages. The two-day Expo is perfect for teens, children and their families, and anyone with a curious mind who is looking for a weekend of fun and discovery. Build an underwater robot, chat with a Nobel Laureate, explore the science behind the magic of Hogwarts Academy and see a car that drives itself. From bugs to birds, kitchen chemistry to computer games, environmental monitoring to electronic music - the Expo has something for everyone and is completely free of charge. The Expo is the pinnacle event of the inaugural USA Science & Engineering Festival to be held in the greater Washington D.C. area October 10-24, 2010. The USA Science & Engineering Festival is a collaboration of over 500 of the nation's leading science and engineering organizations. For more information on all Festival events and how you can get involved, visit

Get involved now: join the over 400 organizations that have already signed up to host an Expo exhibit, become an official Festival Partner, organize a Satellite Event in your community, host a Festival Event, check out our cool school programs like Nifty Fifty and Lunch with a Laureate, volunteer, donate, become a sponsor, participate in one of several contests, buy a Festival T-shirt, follow our blog, and stay on top of it all by signing up for our bi-weekly e-newsletter. Will you be there when science takes over the National Mall?

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