Thanks for helping get the word out!

We have quite a few shout outs! Thanks everyone for helping us get the word out about the Festival.

Very Spatial

A Parent in Silver Springs

Thanks Rhetoric & Rockets for running a booth at the Science Festival and helping get the word out about the Festival on your blog.

I'm about a week out from attending the Science & Engineering Festival, where I'll be running the booth/tent for For the past few months I've been creating letters, forms, grant proposals, schedules, and gosh-knows-what-else to ensure that 11 cheerleaders have what they need when they need it. In other words, paperwork. The point, of course, is to make certain that these fine ladies can get out there and inspire young'uns to cheer, yes, but also to think about life outside cheerleading. Find the Science Cheerleaders here

as well as covering the Festival:

Rachel's Washington, DC Blog that can be found on Washington DC
Check out here post here:
Science Expo on the National Mall in Washington DC

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