"Clap Your Hands" if you are Ready to Rock Out to Science with TMBG!

They Might Be Giants will take the stage on Saturday, April 16th at the USA Science & Engineering Festival for two incredible rockin' shows! This amazing alternative and tech-inspired group -- widely known for its theme song for TV's Malcolm in the Middle and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and other works -- will have the attendees at the DC Convention Center rocking out to science all weekend long!

And like all performances at the Expo, this stage show is FREE!


A crowd favorite at the 2014 Festival Expo, TMBG wowed audiences with its electrifying pop melodies, vivid lyrics and penchant for science and technology. Expect the band -- armed with two new albums this year and a highly successful national and international tour (some dates which are already sold out) -- to raise the excitement meter even more for Festival Expo 2016!

Cool as its science- and pop-inspired music, TMBG, which has been critically acclaimed by Rolling Stone and other leading music media venues, is also recognized for its famous online creation known as Dial-A-Song which the group recently reintroduced at www.DialASong.com with a compilation of its most current music video tunes, including Answer, All the Lazy Boyfriends, End of the Rope, and Glean.

They Might Be Giants was formed in 1982 by musicians John Flansburgh and John Linnell of Brooklyn, NY, and later honed its unconventional and experimental style of alternative music for which it known today. In recent years, TMBG has also realized success in children's music (including science education with such songs as "Science is Real", "Meet the Elements", "I am a Paleontologist", and "Speed and Velocity").

In its 30-year career, the band has earned two Grammy Awards -- the first one in 2002 for its song "Boss of Me", which served as the theme to the TV show, Malcolm in the Middle, and the second in 2009 for the album, "Here Come the 123s." TMBG also has two platinum albums, and two gold albums.

Click here for further details on the stage show appearance of They Might Be Giants, as well as information on other exciting Expo performers for 2016.

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