Insight into Science and Spirituality with Festival Performer and "Time Warp" Host Jeff Lieberman

i-1f6643fa9844cd6ad0cf6b2fbc38a0c9-jeff lieberman.jpgThis April, Jeff Lieberman, artist, scientist and host of Discovery Channel's "Time Warp", will be performing at the 2012 USA Science and Engineering Festival with his show "Beyond Your Imagination". In "Beyond Your Imagination", Lieberman will give you a tour like no other - a tour of yourself. Using advanced technologies and scientific discoveries, we will see just how amazing you are - beyond anything you could imagine! Lieberman explains that "Science doesn't just tell us about the world outside -- it also reveals a deeper understanding of who we are as human beings, and how we see the world around us."

Come and experience "Beyond Your Imagination" at 11 AM on the Curie Stage on Saturday, April 28th or 2:30 PM on the Einstein Stage on Sunday, April 29th. Visit our website to add this incredible event to your Expo schedule!

View this recent talk Lieberman gave for TEDx Cambridge on science and spirituality:

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