GOOD and U.S. Air Force Call for Contributors to “Mind of a Quadrotor” Project

Guest Blog from the USA Science & Engineering Festival Sponsor United States Air Force

Air Force CollaboratoryThe U.S. Air Force and GOOD are pleased to announce the start of the  second project in The Air Force Collaboratory, an interactive online platform  that invites science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM)  inclined students, educators and innovators to solve some of the Air Force’s toughest challenges. Over 900 ideas have already been submitted by participants in the first project of The Air Force Collaboratory, “Search and Rescue 2.0.” Contributors, whether new or returning, are now asked to
bring ideas to the “Mind of a Quadrotor” project for creating an autonomous quadrotor system. “Mind of a Quadrotor” launched September 3, 2013, and will remain open through October 31.

“This is a great opportunity for participants to team with Air Force scientists and engineers to help enhance autonomous quadrotor technology,” said Colonel Marcus Johnson, Strategic Marketing Division Chief. “We encourage and welcome anyone with an idea to get involved and contribute.”

Quadrotors, also known as quadcopters or quadrotor helicopters, are unmanned aircraft that resemble helicopters with four propellers. Their unique design lends itself to use in surveillance and reconnaissance in a variety of environments. The Air Force is asking participants to submit their ideas for how quadrotors can be used to perform certain actions autonomously; that is, with
minimal human intervention.

“Mind of a Quadrotor” is the second of three Air Force Collaboratory projects planned for 2013. The first project, “Search and Rescue 2.0,” opened August 1 and will remain open through September 30. This project asks contributors to submit plans to locate, stabilize or transport victims trapped in collapsed structures. The third and final project, “The Launch of GPS IIF,” will go live in October and will test participants to determine the most effective location within the GPS satellite constellation to launch the Air Force’s newest GPS satellite.

To find out more and to submit ideas, visit

Project Info
What: The U.S. Air Force Collaboratory’s second project, “Mind of a Quadrotor”
Who: Students, educators and innovators interested in working with Air Force leaders on designing autonomous quadrotor technology
When: Now until October 31, 2013

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