It's Okay to Be Smart - And Cool - About Science!

joe hansonSometimes students get the wrong message from peers: that it is not cool to be smart in science and other STEM disciplines. But biologist Joe Hanson has a more positive signal that he likes to send to kids - in fact the name of his popular science show on YouTube (via PBS Digital Studios) says it all: “It's Okay to Be Smart”.  Join us at the USA Science & Engineering Festival this April as Joe, in his trademark erudite but uber cool and engaging style, brings his down-to-earth, hip style of science to kids in an unforgettable stage show, shedding light on a wide array of topics, from microbes and the solar system to insects and physics -- and why it's ok to excel in STEM!

Check out Joe Hanson at the Expo this coming April! Follow Joe Hanson on twitter @jtotheizzoe.

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