The First Annual Blogger Bioblitz Begins Today

i-15eb81a23c3608c0e7b48b3ddf3b8988-bloggerbioblitzlogo_mini_nobirdy.jpgOver 40 bloggers will be stepping outside for National Wildlife Week, April 21 - 29, field guides, binoculars and seines in hand and pack to catalogue all the species they can find in a local area of their choosing.

Early tomorrow morning, I'll be heading out to our campus' arboretum, a small, manageable riparian forest. I'll probably be tackling another area in Western Pennsylvania later in the week. The first post from me should be up be tomorrow afternoon.

We have spent the past month refining the process at our forum. Use the following links to access any information you may need. Also, please feel free to e-mail me with all of your questions or if you would like to sign up. Also, help us out by spreading the word: Person to person, print and online.

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Thanks. Will read your links now. So I guess maybe it was sort of a mass-hatching event?

I wasn�t certain they were even bees - I need to find a good bug guide, the Audubon guide I have isn�t very helpful. Thanks again!