Eight Bits You Didn't Need to Know about Me

I've been brutally tagged by Brian, who seeks to infect my mind with a blog meme that demands eight random facts as an offering to the blog gods:

Egotism and irrelevancy below the fold.

Man, that was harder than it looked.

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I apologize for so cruelly thrusting this meme upon you and other unsuspecting bloggers Jeremy, although the blog gods are now sufficiently pleased (at least they don't tell you to kill your firstborn and then go "Wait! Got ya, sucker!" when you've got your knife in your hand).

Don't forget Chrono Trigger! I consider that and FFVI to be the height of the SNES RPGs.

It's an honor just to be nominated. Now I too have given birth to eight little factoids who will go forth and find their way in the web...