Retro Game of the Day: Bahamut Lagoon

I've been playing a relatively obscure SNES Squaresoft title for the past few days, Bahamut Lagoon. The art is reminiscent of FF6, but it plays like a hybrid of FF Tactics and Shining Force (two of my all time favs), where you have units on a battlefield who can cast spells on enemy units from a distance, or enter one on one battle where the gameplay resembles a traditional RPG. Each unit is equipped with a [mostly] computer controlled dragon that fights alongside you, each of whom can be fed different items to boost stats. They even change into different forms, Pokemon style.

The story leaves something to be desired, but the gameplay more than makes up for that. (Not really sure where the "lagoon" part of the name comes from either - I suppose that will be revealed eventually.)

Gameplay vid below the fold.

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Well "lagoon" is the word the characters use for an "island" of which the world exists. You see a lagoon is very tiny piece of land that reaches just a bit above the seasurface. And in fact the islands in Bahamut Lagoon are tiny pieces of land in a giant sky ocean. That's why it's called Bahamut Lagoon.
I'm playing the game right now... It rocks my socks.
And about the story, you don't seem to find it very interesting. Perhaps you should consider walking around the Farnheit now and then, because the interaction between all of the characters can go quite deep. Also, if you get a bit further into play, you notice that the Empire is not in any way evil at all. Nor are Sauzer and Palpaleos.
All in all... Bahamut Lagoon is an awesome video game, and it is one of Square's better yet less known games.

By RobinSNES (not verified) on 13 Apr 2008 #permalink