Life in Cold Blood Benched?

Do we have something against David Attenborough in this country? First his narration for Planet Earth was overdubbed by Sigourney Weaver, and now I've heard that Life in Cold Blood is not even going to be televised in the States.

I got this email from Herpdigest this morning:

Animal Planet just emailed me.
"Life in Cold Blood" will not be airing May 7 or 14.
They do not know of any new dates.
Sounds like they are dumping it. Won't be seen in U.S. And the only way to see it is to buy the DVD if they do produce one.

Lame. At least Herpdigest is offering the book though:

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I hope this has nothing to do with staying PC about evolution on the network's part. One of the beautiful things about Attenborough's work is his focus on evolution in his "Life" series. He's not preachy or stiff about it; he tells it like it is and you feel like you are there with him exploring life's greatest story chapter by chapter.

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Another sign of America's devolution?!

Shame. They'd better put out a DVD. The "Life..." series are head and shoulders above most nature docs out there.

For those like me, who consider Sir Attenborough to be a living legend, I'd strongly recommend picking up his autobiography "Life on Air". It's a great read.

By Chris Jeans (not verified) on 06 May 2008 #permalink

Life in Cold Blood is still set to be aired in the states later in the year. It will be a shorter re-version, maybe a single 90 minute film, so if you want to see the full unadulturated 5-part version then I suggest you buy the DVD. It is worth every penny, or cent!

You can watch the series at � link

You can also download it in avi format :-) (requires a stand-alone player) There's a lot more terrific stuff over there!

By themadlolscientist (not verified) on 07 May 2008 #permalink

edited to 90 minutes?
They announced a DVD will be available early august. But now which version?
I knew they are trying to quietly play out their contractual obligation to play it by showing 3 segmeents on one sunday the next two on the other when I got the first dates.
But this is so blatant.

Beware buying the 5 hour version from UK. Its not playable on any US DVD player.