The Poetry in Science

Poetry is finding its way into our consciousness at the Weizmann Institute: At the recent, fourth annual Science on Tap evening, which the Institute hosts in Tel Aviv, several poets joined in the fun, reading from their work before and after the talks given by scientists in over 60 filled-to-capacity pubs and cafes around the city. And calls have gone out for entries to the Ofer Lider creative writing contest – open to scientists (writing in Hebrew). The contest is named for Prof. Ofer Lider, an Institute scientist who, sadly, died young and who wrote poetry because he believed that scientific thought and creative thinking are synergistic pursuits.

So, in that spirit, I offer three haikus, one for each of the new online articles on our site. Among other things, they are proof that a science writer trained to write with word limits can reduce years of demanding research to seventeen syllables. To learn more, follow the links.

A battle between
Immune systems, host, graft
A veto brings peace

Enemies hiding
In a bacterial throng
Exposed by a touch

Non-coding, antisense
Interfering, short and long
Now in one database

Image from the lab of Dr. Guy Shakhar

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Does anybody else remember the literary magazine with science-related content? I want to say it was called Ion but I don't think that was it...out of a north Midwest university? I loved the stuff, and still find my mind constantly bridging writing and science.

This content is very descriptive and informative on this subject. The work you put into this really shows. Thank you.

By android tablet… (not verified) on 15 May 2013 #permalink

Re question from Lisa: magazine may have been "Isotope", which was published through the English department at Utah State University. A very fine magazine, but it went out of press about two years ago -- not enough sponsors.