Donors Choose, donor fatigue

The Donors Choose challenge still has about ten days left, and we are falling off track for meeting our goals. There's about $1000.00 in challenge money still needed for needy Michigan classrooms, and given the traffic increases on this blog, there must be a number of people who can afford a couple of bucks. I've made my donation (although it's going somewhere a little surprising), so I have to lean on you guys. I've issued a challenge to health care professionals---we're one of the few parts of the economy that is not shrinking rapidly. Even a few bucks makes a difference.

Let's start simple and break it down a bit. There's a teacher in a needy district around here with "wiggly 2nd and 3rd graders" and she's looking for learning materials with musical theme, such as "singing multiplication tables". She still needs another $479, and once it's given, Donors Choose will purchase the equipment and send it to her, and knowing teachers, the equipment will last several years.

Let's get this one funded in the next 48 hours.

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