Live from the World Science Festival!

Want to go to the World Science Festival, but can't bum a ride to New York City? Your favorite program is already sold out? You want to be there for the suspense and drama of the 2010 Kavli Laureates announcement Thursday morning, but you've run out of sick-day excuses at work? Well, buck up, the WSF has your back.

For the first time, the World Science Festival is streaming events live (and in stunning quality), as part of a joint webcast with the folks at Livestream. Customizable widgets and live forums integrated with Twitter and Facebook top off the experience and allow creative science dorks from around the world to join the conversation in real-time. Six top-notch programs, including the Kavli Awards announcement, plus an all-day documentation of the mayhem at this year's WSF Street Fair, will beam straight to your intertube tube.

Details and a complete schedule here >>

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