The 2010 World Science Festival

WSF LogoWe are just two short weeks away from this year's World Science Festival, and things are heating up. For those not in the know, the World Science Festival is a one-of-a-kind series of talks, tours, performances, and panels all designed to convey the wonder and awesomeness of science to the rest of the world. And as the official blogging partner of the festival, ScienceBlogs has you covered with everything you need before, during, and after the week's festivities.

On the new 2010 World Science Festival blog, you'll find previews--like of this conversation between Chuck Close and Oliver Sacks--guest posts from bloggers like Carl Zimmer and our own Chad Orzel, and once things kick of on June 2, plenty of coverage of events. But if you want to be there yourself, act now: tickets are on sale, but they're going fast!

Then there's the opening ceremonies: a star-studded gala performance with Stephen Hawking as the guest of honor.

Over the next two weeks and during the festival itself, Erin and I will be guest-posting on the WSF blog along with various Seedlings, SBers and other familiar faces. We'll be providing the scoop on some of the amazing people and ideas that will be coming together at these events. Pam Ronald of Tomorrow's Table is actually a panelist on two different ones: Food 2.0: Feeding a Hungry World and list of events and keep your eye on the WSF blog, and let us know which of these events you're most interested in.


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