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Have a story to tell from the 2010 World Science Festival?

Maybe it was something you learned? (Like, for instance, if the Earth were to be a black hole it would have to collapse to the size of a grain of sand.) Perhaps it was a serendipitous chat you had when bumping into your favorite scientist, artist, or author over the weekend's festivities? (I had a charming chat with Dr. John Mather and his wife about the crude pocket telescopes he used as a child that ultimately inspired him to take a closer look at the cosmos.) Or maybe it was a conversation you had with friends inspired by one of the programs? (Like a heated debate with a friend on whether the empirical study of consciousness is even a meaningful endeavor. Ahem, still looking at you, Chris.)

Whatever it was, if you have a story or an observation to share, email them to for a chance to win a World Science Festival prize pack. Whether you were here in person or tuned in to one of our webcasts, we'd love to hear from you.

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What people have been saying

Here is a small sampling of reactions to the 2010 Festival so far (in 140 characters or less)…

NASA Astronaut Sandy Magnus
“Had a great time at World Science Fest. Met lots of nice people, talked about space and learned new things. Perfect weekend!”

“@WorldSciFest, Great job this year! It was a wonderful experience.”

“WorldSciFest Hidden Dimensions live stream with bloggers was excellent. Hockenberry &Henderson top notch.Watched in NJ. Thxs.”

“WorldSciFest, Excellent! Re-kindled my interest in physics & I'll be spending the summer reading pop sci”

@WorldSciFest honored Hawking to start and continued so with wonderful content and by seemingly slowing down time to do so much in 5 days.

“@WorldSciFest, 'Twas awesome.”

Portuguesinha (from Sidney, Australia)
“Watching WorldSciFest live stream, sooo cool!!!”

“Had a blast at #WSF10! Loved the panels I went to and wish I'd had time for even more.”

“The World Science Festival was absolutely brilliant! On my way home now.”

Chad Orzel (physics professor/author)
“Very nice program on "Hidden Dimensions" at #WSF10 tonight. Everything came together better than I expected.”

“I think this blew my mind. RT @WorldSciFest: "One person's space can be another person's time." - Lawrence Krauss #hiddendimensions #wsf10”


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Had a most delightful time speaking to Dr. Scott Sampson after his Sunday afternoon family program. Had met him a few years ago here in New York City when he spoke to a more adult audience at a monthly meeting of the New York Paleontological Society (, discussing his latest field research. Told Sampson that he had wowed the audience as much as Dr. Mehmet Oz does on his syndicated television program devoted to medicine and healthcare.

Afterwards I heard from a high school classmate whose husband had attended the event and had asked Dr. Sampson to speak to their seven year-old son via cell phone. I believe that really made their son's day.

By John Kwok (not verified) on 16 Jun 2010 #permalink