Cartoon Episodes About Science (starring the Wonder Twins, again)

What is it about the Wonder Twins that makes them so ripe for picking on?

i-d685c128e7df7cee4106abddef2c308d-ngwwoman.gifThe Super Friends epsiode: "Wonder vs. Wonder"

When it becomes clear that a mission is botched because Wonder Woman is clearly visible in her invisible jet, unhappy murmurs begin to surface within the Super Friends' organization. In particular, Zan, of the Wonder Twins, is merciless in his teasing of Wonder Woman. It also doesn't help that Wonder Woman, herself, is generally not impressed with his otherwise useless superpower ("Form of a bucket of water? What in Amazon is that about?") In any event, Batman decides to put his scientific mind to work by fixing the jet and soon discovers a small error in the optics of one of the twenty cameras that are responsible for the illusion. Unfortunately, this only seems to encourage Zan further, who torments Wonder Woman on the seemingly mundane manner that invisibility is conferred. ("It's literally all done with cameras! What a loser plane!") In the end, fed up with Zan's abuse, Wonder Woman soundly beats the crap out of him.

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Actually, this piece originally began as GREAT MOMENTS IN SCIENCE THAT ESCAPED ATTENTION BECAUSE THEY OCCURED IN THE WORLD OF POPULAR CULTURE, with something about Maria Von Trapp (which, later on, I did get to use for a different piece):

Maria Von Trapp and Quantum Theory of Light. (sometime before the 2nd World War)
A nun who innocently sang about "Hills" and "Favourite Things" could never have imagined the implications of uttering the lyrics, "Ray, a drop of golden sun" Words that hammered, code like, the dual wave/particle nature of light energy, and the beginnings of the Nazi's obsession with nuclear power.

Anyway, more of CARTOON EPISODES ABOUT SCIENCE can be found here.

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Outstanding work, Sir David! Slow clap, slow clap ...slow ....clap.