CHAIR bracket: Round Two results.

Kuhn vs. Determinism (by an excitable commentator)
Oh, oh, I can't believe it, I JUST CAN'T BELIEVE IT! This one was for the history books, people. Team Kuhn beating the pants off of the Determinism squad. A real life massacre of crisis proportions. Really, it was all Kuhn ALL THE TIME. Word is, is that when Determinism was confronted with the realization that Kuhn himself was playing ("What the f-? You're suppose to be dead!"), the team just lost their form and the defence essentially crumbled. And oh, did it got ugly - really ugly! Final score was 100 to 56 - which, of course, sent the fans, the devoted, (who call themselves the Loony Kuhnies) into a frenzy. What a sight! WHAT A SIGHT! And who knows - they're talking about a revolution right now - that maybe Team Kuhn can take it all the way. ALL THE WAY!

Logic vs Logic vs Corporate (by a slightly cynical commentator)
So...umm... the Logic vs Logic game was still actually being played up until 10 minutes ago. But then Team Corporate convenes, creates a by-law, effectively disqualifies both Logic teams, designs a new logo, hires Dupont's PR department, and well, basically looks for someone else to screw. Corporate (go figure) advances.

Darwin vs. Royal Society (by a relatively level-headed commentator)
Well, the talk about losing the beard was all nonsense. Darwin was in fine form, both in terms of facial hair, as well as being physically alert, playing a solid offensive and defensive game. Royal Society, on the other hand, seemed lost, confused, doddering even. In fact, many of them quibbled with each other with their British accents, and some even got their sports mixed up and started to kick the ball around as if they were playing English football. This, of course, resulted in numerous injuries as some of the more zealous players accepted court length passes with attempts to "head" the ball into the net (At last count, about 8 players were left unconscious, with reports that Ernest Rutherford may have suffered a fractured vertebrae and was subsequently taken in for an X-ray). In any event, Darwin continues to the Sweet Sixteen with an impressive 87 to 66 score.

Theory vs. Pluto (by Chewbacca filling in for Dick Vitale)
Uuuuhhh-rrrr. Ghhhgggg. Uuugggg. Pluto Ggg Theory. Rrrrr-uuuuaa. RRRR! NNHHHUUUR! Rrrrrhhg. RRRGGH! Hhhuurrg. Ggrrgh. Huurg. Grrhhg. Guuuaaauu. AAAURRGG! RRRRGGG! Theory! THEORY! Uuuhhhggg. Rrrrggghhh. Hhhgg-aaa. Rrrrn. HHGGU! Uuuuhh. Theory 67, Pluto 64. ghhnn. Nnnnh.

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I'm really surprised Pluto didn't take this one. I'm really surprised. I don't see how Theory had the strngth to overcome Pluto's momentum. What does Theory have, about planets or former planets especially, that can overcome Pluto? Sounds suspicious to me.

Go Theory! All the way!

By Bill in Atl (not verified) on 23 Mar 2007 #permalink

(finally got my Wookiee translation back by email.)
Let me first of all refute the claim that Theory had anything to do with Pluto's discovery, so there was no "fear of the former great" here. The explanation is a bit simpler.
After their first round win, Team Pluto stayed out all night. They never really warmed up for this match, and played in a fairly predictable manner - which, when you're playing a team as inventive as Theory, means Theory were running rings around them, often within Pluto's Hill Sphere radius.