Amelia Earhart on This Day in History. Oprah too. And Rock Hudson. And et al.


(By Jason Adams)

1778: Alexander Hamilton was "feelin' it."

1864: John Wilkes Booth was down with that.

1907: It was Teddy Roosevelt's bad.

1933: Amelia Earhart went, girl.

1933: Charles Lindbergh player hated.

1954: Rock Hudson had it going on.

1955: Albert Einstein kept it real.

1972: Richard Farnsworth gave/was given props/a shout out.

1985: Ted McGinley broke it down.

1998: Oprah Winfrey busted it out.

[No more than a 1999 reprint here folks. But the key insight is this: it's only been nine years since Oprah was still known as Oprah Winfrey.]

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