#3: Landscape and Modernity (Ten Best of the Decade from Half of the World's Fair)

These never got formalized into an official series (not to demystify it too much, but that formalization process requires mostly that Dave make an icon to put on the sidebar). Nevertheless, they ended up as an eight-part set of posts about landscape art of various types. I'll put a representative sample from each one below, each one clickable back to the original post. For clicking duplication, that first set (of western U.S. landscapes), ran in October 2008; the last, and most appropriate for this blog (it was about World's Fairs) ran this past June. I loved these.

i-a6cb9e786beb264c76f08abb016c79d0-#3 Landscape and Modernity.jpg


Series #8: The World's Fair, by Jade Daskow


Series #7: Garbage, Waste, and Consumption

i-2782330a4b10cf9da0a1d7b9939c5596-River of Garbage.jpg

Series #6: Working, industrialized landscapes (from The Boston Globe's "The Big Picture")

i-9d648170f11c2d901430a3dc73cc41ef-Chinese Eggs 505.jpg

Series #5: Foodscapes


Series #4: Trees, by Myoung Ho Lee


Series #3: How to Photograph an Atomic Bomb


Series #2: Fencelines

i-a0ccb135d86a228657b04228422c3884-Fenceline 1.jpg

Series #1: The West, by photographer Jesse Chehak


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