Likely and unlikely things that Sir Isaac Newton stood on during his lifetime (aka the return of the SCQ)

The Science Creative Quarterly is back in action today after a few months of only publishing students' works from our symposia program, as well as a few months where essentially the site was not showing off any new material. More or less to say that we haven't had our normal variety of pieces for about four months.

So this is just to say hello again, and to note that today's piece is a little list humour by me (called "LIKELY AND UNLIKELY THINGS THAT SIR ISAAC NEWTON STOOD ON DURING HIS LIFETIME" and reprinted below).


A stage of some sort.
Tippy toes.


Olympic podium.
Someone's throat.
Shoulders of (Real) Giants.

Anyway, this is where blogs can hopefully be fun. Feel free to add to the list in the comments below.

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Ha! I'll add these:

Likely - A tailor's stool (whilst receiving alterations to decorous pantaloons).

Unlikely - The moon.

Likely: Shit

Unlikely: Wii Fit

Likely: ceremony

Unlikely: the corner, minding his own business, when this dude comes out of nowhere and starts whaling on him for no reason