Working Landscapes (Landscape and Modernity: Series 6)

The industrialization of agriculture, egg version.

i-9d648170f11c2d901430a3dc73cc41ef-Chinese Eggs 505.jpg

An egg factory in China. Click on image for link to original site, credited to AP Photo/Andy Wong as posted at the Globe by Alan Taylor.

The Boston Globe has an elegant photo series called The Big Picture at its website. I don't know why this isn't more publicized. Maybe it is; maybe I've been distracted. I got lost for a half hour surfing around past entries. Above is one of the images from a series, "At Work," and below are selections from that set. I put these into the series on Landscapes and Modernity here at the blog. (Try trees; the West; pastures; the A-Bomb; Foodscapes, and probably this solitary industrial one that was posted before I named the Landscape and Modernity series). I do so in hopes that they can be viewed as part of a larger question about the representation of nature and the environment (be it built by humans or not).

The images are all factories or industrialized settings -- be it the Ruhr Valley, a charcoal operation in Cuba, German sweets, or Chinese eggs and dairy.

i-656fe5c7de2bc827aa0836429c4faeff-Ruhr Overhaead 505.jpg

"Aerial view of the snow covered Ruhr district." (Photo credit: AP Photo/Frank Augstein)

i-3f3e08d0640de31ece8580940bde37b7-Chinese Dairy 505.jpg

"A dairy factory of Mengniu Dairy Group Co., one of China's largest dairy producers, in Hohhot, north China's Inner Mongolia region." (Photo credit: AP Photo/Alexander F. Yuan)

i-95be0a499e01383cfae496f61a83b5d6-Cuban Charcoal Wood 505.jpg

Stacking wood to make charcoal in Cuba (Photo credit: REUTERS/Enrique De La Osa).

i-d6ac21062b2dd9201566072884acf940-German Pralines 505.jpg

German pralines rolling down the assembly line. Ah, ye olde country. (Photo credit: Adam Berry/Bloomberg News)

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