Accounting for the science/food/safety/sustainable conversation

Just an accounting of the last month of local food, sustainable agriculture, and science/food/safety articles is difficult to produce. Let alone a full understanding of them. One problem with studying the topic is that the proliferation of literature on sustainable ag and its associated elements brings with it sifting and organizing difficulties. It's a microcosm of the problem of the internet itself - more information leads to more traffic, leading to slower travel. How to make sense of it all?

Here is a quick sampling of some recent literature on what we might call the current "food" movement (which isn't the same as the local food movement, though it overlaps; which isn't the same as the sustainable agriculture movement, though it overlaps; which isn't the same as the safe food movement, though it overlaps....You get the idea.) I don't seek to make sense of it all here, but hope to offer a benchmark of the current conversation by offering the bibliography below.

In general, along the Organic, Local, & Safe axis:

In particular, legislative:

Quite a bit to deal with. And the growing season is just starting, with our farmer's market opening this Saturday and a (well considered and beneficial) Local Food Hub all the buzz in Charlottesville.

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Thanks for the great literature! Of those I've read, "No Lunch Left Behind" is my favorite. But I've only skimmed about three or four. I'm gonna check out the rest. Thanks for the comprehensive list!