Radiohead versus Wilco (redux)

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I put this Wilco vs Radiohead query up a while back on the blog, and essentially got a fair amount of commentary stating musical tastes, preferences, why the comparison is invalid, etc.

Anyway, imagine my surprise when I heard about a CD coming out this summer, which can add a bit of weight to the discussion.

I'm talking specifically about the new Neil Finn "Seven Worlds Collide" CD. Here's a YouTube channel devoted solely to the collaborative project, and here's part of a review of one of the live concerts held to back up the upcoming CD.

That included four members of American rock wonders Wilco and - returning from duties on the first Seven Worlds Collide series - Radiohead's Ed O'Brien and drummer Phil Selway.

The second half largely belonged to a combination of the Wilco and Radiohead songbook, a match seemingly made in rock-crit heaven.

That's right, members of Wilco and Radiohead collaborating on an album. In fact, it's been said that Jeff Tweedy does a pretty awesome version of Fake Plastic Trees.

Hmmm... somewhere, music afficionados are freaking...

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