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Just came back from a trip to Louisiana, and had a great time meeting the Faculty at LSU, eating cajun, and soaking up the Southern hospitality. Was also introduced to a great piece of music by Chris Smither, a New Orleans native (although now based in Boston) singer songwriter and amazing guitarist.

Called "Origin of Species" it features this great lyric.

Charlie Darwin looked so far into the way things are
He caught a glimpse of God's unfolding plan
God said I'll make some DNA, they can use it anyway they want
From paramecium to man
They'll have sex and mix up sections of their code
They'll have mutations
The whole thing works like clockwork over time
I'll just sit back in the shade while everyone gets laid
That's what I call intelligent design!

Check him out in this video of him performing the song:

This song was listed on Rolling Stones Best Songs of 2006 (rang in at number 42).

Oh yeah, while I'm of mind, the next song I'm going to have a go at writing will be about mitochondria. Will hope to have that one up by week's end.

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