Art and Science: It's awkward sometimes.

Today, has a piece about Luke Jerram, the artist that I wrote about earlier (he of the incredible glass microbe structures). Anyway, I was asked to write something to go along with the piece, and have done so here.


It's funny, but I even felt a bit awkward writing this response (being asked to do a piece on Art and Science). I know I do this sort of thing in my lab, but having to comment intelligently about it feels weird to me.

Still, I do believe that precisely because "beauty is in the eye of the beholder," there's not one best way to talk science to the non-scientist, and I guess that's why I'm fond of all of those projects that do thrive upon (what some might call) unconventional partnerships.

Anyway what do you think?

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By Trapez sac (not verified) on 18 Dec 2013 #permalink