The International Year of Biodiversity needs a theme song! I've written one, but I challenge you to write a better one.

O.K. Sorry this took a while, but you know, things are busy, having just finally launching the Phylo game website. A while back, I mentioned getting an acoustic bass, and wanting to work on yet another science-geekery song. This one with a biodiversity theme and the inclusion of reader supplied latin names as well. That part was tough, but I tried my best.

Anyway, below is a very quick demo cut of the song (with drums and most backup vocals courtesy of my talented brother Steve), as well as the lyrics below. I quite like this song, so will probably try to do a better take later.

(Link to mp3 file.)


- - -


There's you and me, within biodiversity
Connecting us together in this world.
But you can't see, it all works so majestically
Almost imperceptibly - everyday

Look around yourself and you will find it everywhere
Species with their latin names, they're here and over there
Can you name them? I don't think so.

It's such a shame. They're beautiful and marvelous
Daily and a part of us, wild and tame.
So let us see, if we can act responsibly
Learn more ecologically, play that game.

Look around yourself and you will find them everywhere
Species with their latin names, they're here and over there
Should we name them? Here we go.

How about a carrot, that's Daucus carota
And a mollusc, Granata imbracata
Watch for Sturnus Vulgaris

There's a Raven, Corvus corax
Kogia Breviceps, a whale well how about that!
Chiroptera, well that's a bat.

Mimus polyglottos, a mocking bird
Equus hermionus hemionus, an ass
A home for E. coli, alas

Malus domestica, everyday
Turdus migratorius, as the robin says
Gorilla gorilla gorilla!


- - -

Anyway, don't forget that it is the International Year of Biodiversity - so if you're looking for a subject to write a song about, then why not biodiversity? In any event, this here is a challenge - write a better one and send the link on via the comments or @dnghub.

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Here's a more singable song to the tune of 'Come Together' by the Beatles.

Here come old gum tree, he come growing up slowly
He got chloroplasts, he photosynthesize his food
He got roots down in the ground
He be feedin' everybody who hang around

Here be red panda, she got skin and muscles
She got fur and whiskers, she be het'rotrophic
She got ears that hear and eyes that see
Multicellularity is her way to be
Life is full of biodiversity

Here be old mushroom, he got haustoria
He got chitin cell wall he be decomposer
He grow on bread or on maybe feet
Got a pileus, maybe he real good to eat
Life is full of biodiversity

Here be bacterium she got big flagellum
She ain't got no nucleus, she prokaryotic
She got positive or negative Gram stain
If she pathogenic then she will bring the pain
Life is full of biodiversity

By Katharine (not verified) on 14 Apr 2010 #permalink

Actually, such a theme should be written as a choral piece, starting with all voices having a unified melody and lyrics, and gradually diverging to dozens of sub-choruses. =)

Nice. I didn't know the species name for gorilla is Gorilla gorilla gorilla. That's kind of neat.

Looks like there's a bit of traffic checking this out right now. If any of you know TMBG or are TMBG, you can totally have this song, or better yet engage in a "theme dual!"

Oh, I also like the choral idea. That's cool.

Love it. Especially the part about the "ass, being a home for e. coli alas."

An interesting effort! But I am having some problems with the writing, and whether there is some compromise (copywrite) problems with John Denver or Glen Campbell or someone like that as the chord progressions sound too familiar. [Did you know the longest word in the English Lnaguage that never repeats a letter is 'uncopywritable'?]

As Kate points out, 'imperceptively' is wrong. It exists as a word, but signifies something like 'being a bit ignorant', rather than 'hardly noticeable'.

âBut you canât see,â? (it needs the transitive form of the verb â needs an object, like 'it' [" can't see it" and yet most of us do see 'it' we just don't think about 'it'] but that spoils the scansion and rhyme, to put another 'it' in.).

âThey're beautiful and marvelous, Daily and a part of us, wild and tame.â Not really sure you say what you mean, the middle clause isn't English set against the other clauses. Have you ever gazed lovingly at a super-ugly blobfish (nearly extinct but very ugly). And if it became âpart of you dailyâ, how would you cope? 'Daily' seems wrong here. Sounds like something from âThe Flyâ!. 'we we are surrounded by life wild and tame?' [or something]. You can't have 'usâ and then 'wild and tame' immediately after â unless you mean some humans are wild, and some of âusâ tame? Now that might be true!.

And where can I buy the ecological game? It's a natural system not a competition. Need a better rhyme! Same; fame; name, came, blame, etc 'so were can't be blamed'?

I think you should have included âSilybumâ in the Latin name selection. But maybe you'd only milk it ( :-) )

On a final note, it seems that in the diagram the whole ecosystem appears to start with a sliced loaf of bread...
Perhaps I need to change the resolution settings on my computer!.
Have fun with any further revisions and good luck!

Thanks for the feedback (and I'll fix the typo). As you can see, from Reg's comments, there's a reason why I am not an asian rock star!