The Phylo project has a set of rules and close to 100 cards ready for beta testing.

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Happy Biodiversity Day!

Well, it's been about 5 weeks, and the Phylo project is close to 100 cards, all ready for free printing. As well, a set of rules is now available that is polished enough to go through some beta testing.


Today, we even have an "Oil Spill" card, and I'd like to invite people to leave comments on what text should go on this particular card. Is it too lenient right now, or too harsh? We're really hoping that as the project progresses, the comments on the site will ultimately guide what needs to go on (or off) the cards.

In fact, while I'm making requests, I'd like to suggest the possibility of looking into funding a mobile app that could work with the project. Wouldn't that be cool?

Also, it would be great to get more artists involved. If you are one, see if you can send an image or two our way. If you know one, see if you can lure them in! Here's a sample of the ones recently uploaded on the Flickr submissions pool.


In any event, if you're new to the project, do take a gander - the art, the photos, and the permalinks (where we try our best to find video footage of the card) are all time well spent. Better yet, do tell others about it - always lovely to get more artists, gamers, science-y folks involved.

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