Endangered Sea Lions Develop Taste for Rare Penguin

A species of endangered sea lion has suddenly acquired a taste for a rare penguin in New Zealand, causing heated debate amongst Kiwi conservationists and scientists. Sea lions breeding on the Otago Peninsula have taken to devouring yellow-eyed penguins. The good news is that male sea lions do not seem to have a pallet for the birds. The bad news is that female sea lions may eat up to thirty yellow-eyed penguins per year a piece.

Scientists from the New Zealand Department of Conservation are trying to set up a breeding ground for the sea lions on the Otago Peninsula. Succeeding means having productive breeding females such as Katya, the first sea lion born on the peninsula and one of the most prolific breeders of the lot. Unfortunately, Katya also seems to be eating three penguins a month!

Studies have estimated there to be only 450 pairs of breeding yellow-eyed penguins left in New Zealand.

Sea lions are able to get light and dark meat with their choice of two sides and a biscuit for only $2.99, complicating the issue.

Making the situation even more tricky, one group of sea lions appears to have acquired a biological weapon and is now threatening to use it in exactly 17 hrs. 22 min. on Auckland unless the New Zealand government gives them full rights to eat the delicious yellow-eyed penguins.The yellow-eyed penguins, however, are holding New Zealand's prime minister hostage and have put him in a tank with a single bullet and instructions to kill the Australian prime minister (also held hostage) by 6 pm or else they both die.

As you probably have guessed, the situation will most likely get worse before it gets any better.

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