Julia + Hawaii + Your Friends = Good Times + Great Oldies

In just a few days, my good friend and fellow Zooillogix blogger, Julia, will leave the safety of Chicago for the violent, pineapple-strewn streets of Honolulu for a new job. Here are some things you should know about Julia: #1 - She is the best kickball player in the Midwest. #2 - She has a margay tattoo across most of her torso and Ernst Haeckel tattoos on her arms. #3 - Despite her PhD meets Sons of Anarchy bodywork, she is one of the sweetest people I know.

Among other activities, I have greatly appreciated her company for beer drinking, music listening, encasing wild mushrooms in clear resin (unsuccessfully), inadvertandltly inhaling resin fumes, introducing me to interesting zoo people, introducing me to people with beards in general, and fighting street thugs while in costume.

So long story short, let's introduce Julia to some of you (not the creepy ones) or your friends (not the creepy ones) that live in Hawaii. If you have someone to recommend, please send me an email at ableiman at gmail.com. I will be screening suggestions for creepiness and forwarding along only those folks least likely to murder Julia.

In summary, if you A - Live in Hawaii or know someone who does, B - Don't want to murder Julia or keep her in your basement (do they even have basements in Hawaii?), and C - Like long walks on the beach + beer... then please get in touch.

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Not even remotely close to Hawaii, but Haeckel tattoos deserve some kind of shout-out anyway. Or am I stating the obvious here?

Christie Lynn from Observations of a Nerd and Mike Dunford live in the area I think.

Make sure you get out to Kauai, such a great island!

does she have a tramp stamp, or does she dream about getting one - perhaps a discrete tat depicting a suricate? Because if she likes small burrowing animals I can make her pain to go away

Not even remotely close to Hawaii, but Haeckel tattoos deserve some kind of shout-out anyway. Or am I stating the obvious here?

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Not even remotely close to Hawaii, but Haeckel tattoos deserve some kind of shout-out anyway. Or am I stating the obvious here?


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