Hot Molting Action

In this nightmarish time lapse video, a gentle spider crab is internally consumed by a terrifying angry red spider crab who then dispenses of the empty husk of its former host.

... or maybe its just molting

Thanks to our Asian friend Kangatron for sharing.

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This is just cool. No behavior, no cognition, no neuroscience. Just animal awesomeness. Amazing time-lapse video of a twelve-foot spider crab molting. Watch til the end. From Neatorama, via @kzelnio (of Deep Sea News)
This is a picture from Is it a close up of my brother, Andrew's, inner thigh? Can any of our readers explain why these crabs are trying to cross the road?
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I was mildly surprised at the reaction to this cool timelapse video of a molting crab — some people didn't understand how arthropods work. The only thing to do, of course, is to explain the molting process of insects and crustaceans, called ecdysis. Let's go back to the basics first. In the…

PZ Myers has an explanation of molting on Pharyngula today, 6/24.

Not even remotely close to Hawaii, but Haeckel tattoos deserve some kind of shout-out anyway. Or am I stating the obvious here?