Behold! Three New Salamander Species

National Geographic reported this weekend that three new species of salamander have been discovered in distant cloud forests of Costa Rica's La Amistad National Park. Just like X-Men, each salamander seems to have a special power: "one with a bold streak, one with a 'ballistic' tongue, and one no longer than a fingernail," according to Nat'l Geographic.

i-3cd1a36aac3ca26ba3081efa4be058db-Salamander 1.jpg

La Amistad is the largest wildlife reserve in Central America, and...

...much of it has yet to be explored.

i-786c4833e95c16b4a4536f017073fb20-Salamandar 2.jpg
This salamander has markings reminiscent of a poison dart frog, possibly an environmental ruse.

i-e8142d70d4f7d66d9e4afbc490d5c2cd-Salamander 3.jpg

In the article, Alex Monro of London's Natural History Museum said that the last salamander shown above has "this incredible tongue which is one of the fastest moving things in the animal kingdom. In seven milliseconds it can reach and wrap around prey." You know how I know I am getting older? That guy used the words, "reach," "around," and "tongue" in the same sentence and I didn't even comment on it. Oh wait, yes I did.


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Just like X-Men, each salamander seems to have a special power:

Considering that they have just started exploring there I bet there are a whole bunch of X-Men animals just waiting to get to show off their powers! LOL!
Dave Briggs :~)

By Dave Briggs (not verified) on 09 Jan 2008 #permalink

Another x-men-like power the great Salamander species hold is, the ability to regrow entire limbs! e.g if you were to cut of their legs, they would regenerate new ones exactly the same as previous ones.

This is huge! and is currently being looked into deeper by scientists, to see if it is possible to mimic the process on human beings, which would change lives for many and become a great breakthrough.