"Sorry for Partying." -Fruit Bat

It turns out I have more in common with my favorite animal than I thought. NOTE: Usually I find an article and then regurgitate it into the cheeping mouths of our readers in my own words. In this case, I kind of like how the article was written in the first place, so I'm just going to link to it..

Great pic.

Thanks to NVDH for uncovering this one.

P.S. Isn't it hilarious when you go to make a tag called "alcohol" for a piece on the blog, but that tag has already been created? Clearly we've covered this topic before.

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Aye aye lemurs, dolphins, cave swifts, insectivorous micro-bats all echolocate, but I've never heard of any fruit bats which echolocate.

Why test a drunk arboreal frugivore for echolocation?

Ben, you should invent a new fruit drink called arboreal frugivore. It should have rum in it.

Old world Fruit bats do not echolocate, but the New World species are a separate lineage and my understanding is that they evolved from echolocating insectivorous species. I think the orginal paper may be on PloS.