Statutory Rape

Aptly named by whoever started this viral email...

i-cd204e5d9718af99eb1c7b1371ae1702-Moose 1.jpg
Hmmm...what's that moose up to?

i-a6fcab84c412c761d7d919259385cede-Moose 2.jpg

The images below the fold are morally reprehensible, even by moose standards.

i-cf95fbf291b054fef1a1dc2afcc1d2a9-Moose 4.jpg

i-9daf80a9d1abc8aaa21619ea310307f1-Moose 5.jpg

Special thanks to Alan "B.A. Baracus" Bleiman for forwarding this along to us...


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Aha! Now we all know that the reproductive barrier between Alces alces and Bison bison geomorpha must be post-coital.

Hot hot moose-on-bison action. Woo!
Ahem. Sorry. Got a bit excited there.
Does former senator Rick Santorum have anything to say about this?

Now THAT'S a Hard-ON! (Ouch)

Proof that we are corrupting innocent wildlife by placing indecent statues around the landscape! The horror!

Seriously, in the first photo the moose appears to be sniffing the bison's rear end. Do ungulates use olfactory cues to detect receptive mates? And if so, what on earth did this statue smell like to get the moose hot for action?