Buy Critters for Elementary School Classrooms!

Zooillogix is participating in DonorsChoose, a very cool annual fundraising effort to directly provide needy schools with the materials they need. There are literally thousands of projects to choose from and we selected some pretty modest ones that we hope our readers will choose to support.

#1 An enterprising elementary school teacher in the Bronx wants to buy supplies to keep all sorts of live critters in the classroom, including: hermit crabs, butterflies, worms, ladybugs, pill bugs, and praying mantises.

#2 Another Bronx elementary school teachers wants to get an incubator, fertilized eggs, and egg turner to teach his students about the life cycle of chicks. What happens to these chicks after the "experiment"? We don't want to know!

#3 A teacher in a disadvantaged area outside of DC has turned the next door woodland into an outdoor classroom generating tremendous enthusiasm for ecology amongst his students. The teacher is looking to buy four digital cameras to document the wildlife they observe.

These are exactly the kinds of things that inspired Benny and I to forget about supporting our families and spend all our time working on this blog instead! If you click on the DonorsChoose graphic (scroll down and look in the left sidebar or just click here) you can read more about these projects. Please contribute whatever you can and you can feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing you bought a centipede that some first grade boy is inevitably going to scare the crap out of a fellow student with.


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