The Best Use of Poodle

We blatantly ripped off this story from , but we had to share it with you all.

There are many uses of poodle from watchdog to loyal companion. In fact, Andrew and I had a moderately brain damaged, standard poodle named Willy that brought joy into our young lives for 12 years. By all accounts, however, this appears to be the best use of poodle we've ever seen. Now I know what many of you are thinking right now. "This is animal cruelty," you're saying, "That's blatant exploitation." But I would ask you this....Is it? Is it really?

i-c3b94b85d6b4be4e77a2da0b345f3e92-Ninja Poodle.jpg
Good thing this poodle does not have its katana blade...

i-1037312382422f19075ca2641f45abc8-Alien Poodle.jpg
Take me to your leader, so I can kill him or her

i-7daa5b67185fddbf75f214225c18ca8f-Rooster Poodle.jpg

More below the fold...

i-bdda5427cefe1508abb176b8acb1fd28-Peacock Poodle.jpg
The most beautiful bird in all of the land!

i-132b980098b3cec092e460aef9411854-Camel Poodle.jpg
I don't know what is more breathtaking: the camel dog or the stunning, desert princess standing behind it. I'll call her...Yasmine.

i-56b74fe97ed110a5f24aa2c8bdc02221-WTF Poodle.jpg
Puff the Magic Poodle!

Thanks to Bill Kang for passing this along...

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While I don't think the poodle looks distressed, I somehow doubt it's entirely happy with the experience....

By Theodosia (not verified) on 05 Dec 2008 #permalink

Now I feel that my childhood with Maia the standard poodle was entirely wasted. Though we did dress her up as Elijah the Prophet (beard and all!) every Passover, and then let her in through the front door.

It amazes me what people do with their time on this earth.

OMG! THIS is worse than dressing your sweet smart wonderful poodle in stupid costumes!
This should be reported to the ASPCA!!!!!!

The horror. The horror...

On the up side shortly after this her kennel full of champions was wiped out when the poodles staged the only known canine mass suicide. This abomination will not be soon repeated, if we are lucky.

This is awesome. I am inspired to make my own teenage mutant ninja turtle poodle, although mine will be Michaelangelo, since he was the best.

I think it is simply wonderful.

By Vanderleun@com… (not verified) on 05 Dec 2008 #permalink

whatever, dogs can't see colors, they'll be fine

I think they are seriously lacking Barney, the purple singing dino-poodle.

By the way, have you noticed that it is the same poodle Lucy, over and over again? Its happy owner is a award-winning expert in creative grooming. There are probably even worse things that can be done to a dog but right now I can't think of any. These images are now permanently stained into my brain.

Honestly, these dogs really don't care. They don't hold the standards we have for "beauty" and "dignity", guys--this is so much more dignified and humane than things like tail-docking. The dog is fine, and it revels in all the glorious attention it gets, the owner is proud, and look guys--Lucy is loving it, relaxed stance, easy eyes, bright and curious dog...I don't see what's the problem.

I'm totally with Jade on this one. I'm pretty sure this dog is more emotionally fulfilled with its life than I am right now--an owner who spends time with her, takes excellent care of her and makes into an (arguable) object of beauty. The dog may not know why or care, but she gets that everyone in the room is staring at her appreciably.

And the work is just amazing! I'm not going to go out and sculpt a poodle anytime soon but I can definitely appreciate the work that went into this!

Where can I find Jasmine?

A family friend who used to live with us while I was growing up had a standard poodle. She'd sometimes do her in a fancy clip and dye her (usually just one colour, hot pink, red, blueberry). Zella loved the attention, and the other dogs weren't fazed once the hair dye smell wore off.

Dogs do have sensitive skin, so you have to be careful with which dyes you use, and with the frequent washing. Other than that this isn't particularly inhumane, although it is a little weird :P

The dog lover in me is saying "wtf", while the art major in me is saying "that's totally awesome."

I can't stop laughing. I just can't...

for those of you with concerns on the dog's well-being, let me allay some of your fears. I'm a dog owner, trainer, and breeder, and to be quite honest, they really don't care. Actually, that's not entirely true. They enjoy it. If the dog trusts you (and obviously this dog loves her owner), grooming is a rewarding and relaxing experience. Can you imagine how you'd feel if someone played with your hair for hours on end? It'd be wonderful! Not to mention, the dog would enjoy the positive attention.

Now I wish I was the dog and could be groomed to look like Donatello!

By Katie 2.0 (not verified) on 08 Dec 2008 #permalink

Geekologie blatantly ripped this off from A chain of ripping!

I REMEMBER WILLY! I can only imagine how he would have reacted if you had tried this with him....

He, he, he!

By Ilovemyfuzzies (not verified) on 04 Jan 2009 #permalink

i was a groomer for many years and this dog is wonderful. He is not at all stressed or he wouldn't be able to stand there and let them work on him to this extreme.there is not a color or a hair out of place and in order to be able to do that that dog must be loving what hes doing or much like a child his attention will wander and he will want to be somewhere else.. in this day of mistreated and animal abuse and poorly fed and neglected dogs, this dog lives in a home that loves and cherishes him and you can tell that..this dog is a lucky dog that his parents and family love him so much that that want to show him off in such creative and wonderful hair styles.keep up the good work .. i love it.

By southernstar (not verified) on 11 May 2010 #permalink