Amazing Plankton Pics

i-851f1ceab2cd3cd3573e9408896beaf3-Plankton 8 Worm larva.jpg
Worm larva

Dr Richard Kirkby, a Royal Society Research Fellow at the University of Plymouth in the UK, took these stunning up-close photos of plankton. He will be revealing the photos of at an exhibition at Blue Reef, Blue Planet and Deep Sea World aquariums in England throughout 2009.

i-3919715dd484e8b1e14980fa6a835b45-Plankton 10 Spider Crab Larva.jpg
Spider crab larva

i-0ca63b365a80cb45440ae77f4d284add-Plankton 7 Hydrozoa jellyfish larva.jpg
Metroid villain

Many more below the fold...

i-01e2812f926a0267693b72a2dd3b3b83-Plankton 3.jpg
Doliolid - Has the makings of a primitive backbone.

i-0d544351999a38700cb5f7b54eca709a-Plankton 5 Swimming Crab Larva.jpg
Swimming crab larva

i-34d9225383ab3faebba86b57750ae459-Plankton 8 Sardine Eggs.jpg
Sardine eggs

i-721508beaa9db4180b5f346a0ed73300-Plankton 4 Thumbnail Crab Larva.jpg
Thumbnail crab larva

i-b9f853b885e2cf1d0ffd2435ed71d3e8-Plankton 11.jpg
Spongebob villain

i-9839decd8bc90a42837e0e1c9422f1a2-Plankton 2.jpg
Copepod on the eye of a needle

i-f8332f20dedaa19f024e1e17eaa03540-Plankton 6 Algal blooms.jpg
Algal blooms

i-2ba80f6950bb7b529d29ad1f3cf922c1-Plankton 1.jpg
Echinoderm Ludia sarsii

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Algal blooms? Or fireworks? Hmmm...

They're pretty. I see what you mean about the Metroid.

By Alison Robin (not verified) on 22 Dec 2008 #permalink

Are they in any way related to brine shrimp? For some reason they remind me of brine shrimp. . .

By Ilovemyfuzzies (not verified) on 05 Jan 2009 #permalink

They're pretty. I see what you mean about the Metroid.
Are they in any way related to brine shrimp? For some reason they remind me of brine shrimp. . .

I already have a well-equipped laboratory facility, which, with your help, could easily be relocated to the appropriate underground cave, glacier, secret island, or space station.

But how exactly would you perform breast-reduction surgery--or any surgery, for that matter--when an individual's magic bracelets are constantly maneuvering to defend against an incoming scalpel? My point is that you don't have to--I may be able to do something about this by using current genetic-manipulation methodologies.

You should check your comments for spam. Great shots. What camera/lens/lighting did you use?

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