Size (and Number of Tortuous Spikes) Do Matter for Seed Beetles

A new study of C. maculatus seed beetles has proven the worst case scenario for most men: size and in this case the number of painful, injuring spikes on their penises do in fact matter. The C. maculatus have a series of spikes and barbs on their members that, during sex, become embedded in their mates, acting as anchors of sorts.

i-e64fe93529015a987a943a8337f8047a-Seed beetle 3.jpg

We are so sorry, but what you are looking at is EXACTLY what you think it is.

"They literally injure females internally in their copulatory duct. They're pretty mean," Goran Arnqvist, the lead author of the study, said to National Geographic.

i-3082144d981bfc235dffeefb94474388-Seed Beetle 1.jpg


After looking at a large group of diverse, virgin beetles after copulation the study concluded that the beetles with the "largest and most damaging" phalluses had the most reproductive success. The injury to the females was simply an "unfortunate side effect" of the process. Holding tongue. Not making joke. Holding tongue. Holding tongue....

More entomologically hardcore images below the fold...

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(comment deleted to protect the innocent)

i-6a688ec40e6f62b27ee263277c04a67b-Seed beetle 4.jpg

Is that the Statue of Liberty? Nope, another beetle penis!

i-2f7ee9d1d9c8aba6ca935d1f15014492-Seed beetle 5.jpg

One species of seed beetle actually has a jaw like spine structure on its appendage.

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I guess "french tickler" would be an understatement.

Five things come immediately to mind:

1. Looks like Cimex lectularius has some competition...
2. Why does the first picture remind me of Momaw Nadow?
3. "Just relax, baby, it'll only hurt for a little bit."
4. On whose fingertips is this travesty occurring?
5. Everything's bigger under electron microscopy

And I'm once again very thankful to be human.... and not a seed beetle.

did they need to employ a beetle 'Fluffer' to take these shots? and what dose of viagra is OK for a seed beetle?

I have never been more thankful that I'm human, and not a female seed beetle. :)

By Katie 2.0 (not verified) on 26 Feb 2009 #permalink

this one leaves me speechless

Did they need to employ a beetle 'Fluffer' to take these shots?

Erm, actually, yes they did. A microscopic pipette connected to an pump.


My favorite of all time photo captions on Zooillogix. Thanks guys! :-D