Jackpot! Sweetest Animal Website

We here at Zooillogix do not usually promote the work of other websites unless it is to mock the "guys" over at DeepSeaNews for getting aroused by images of Alvin, the submarine. The fact is that we believe animal readership on the internet is a zero sum game, and we're not about to lose readers to some "nerd" with a thing for taxonomy.

We must, however, doff our caps to Arkive, quite possibly the sweetest website on the whole world wide websphere. It has something to do with Sir David Attenborough and the English and blah blah blah. Take a looksy yourself at the 1,000,000+ pics/videos of the world's threatened species and tell us you aren't slightly aroused yourself.


Just a pic of of Madame Berthe's mouse lemur...no big deal.

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ARKive is wonderful! The videos particularly. Where else can you get so thoroughly acquainted (in a completely platonic way, of course) with some of the world's rarest species? Just wish I had more time to explore it.

No big deal? It's the world's smallest primate! People, this is essentially a Hand-Held Monkey*!!!

* Yeah, I know, lemurs aren't monkeys. "Hand-Held Monkey" just sounds funnier and scans better than "Hand-Held Primate".

Thank you good sirs. You never fail to lead me astray.