The Song of the Bat

Ok, so here's the deal. I love bats. Always have. Always will. In fact, until I was about 14, I wanted to be a bat scientist. I then realized that bat scientists have to take a lot of classes that require a lot of lab work and I hastily changed my goal to becoming a bar owner. I'm not sure when National Geographic first posted this, but it is a pretty sweet interactive website where you can listen to different Panamanian bats' beautiful songs. I'm trying to get one as my ring tone. Can anyone help me do that? My favorite is the black myotis bat and if you help me make that my ring tone, I will write a blog entry praising you for your nerdy prowess! (And for you nerd ladies out there, I will also provide you with my telephone number ;)


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Download Helper add-on in Firefox allowed me to download the mp3.

If you don't have a direct way of sending an mp3 to your cell phone, you could always use Phonezoo. That website also allows you to crop your mp3 selection before it sends it on.

If you have an iPhone and a mac, the process is pretty simple and I'd be happy to do what I can and then give you instructions for the piece you have to do yourself. Otherwise, I have no idea!

As an aside, thanks to you: My new text tone is the chittering little part of the black myotis clip. My bird loves it, and it makes me smile every time my lame friends bother me. :]