Animals Gone Wild Web Cam

Have you ever said to yourself, "Self, have you ever said to your self, 'What are African wild animals up to right now?'"
Now you can satisfy your self's overly demanding curiosity with National Geographic's WildCam. Don't worry, unlike most streaming webcam feeds, this is one you won't have to delete from your browser's history. The WildCam program is designed to inspire more talk about conservation by plopping viewers down right in the middle of the wild. Like, the real wild. Like, the no-messin-around-or-animals-gone-eat-you-up wild.

In an age where people are inundated with edited sound bytes, rapid-fire video clips, and computer-generated animation, WildCam's live streaming video gives viewers the time and space to develop a unique bond with the animals they watch. Some viewers even become "citizen scientists," making discoveries about animal behaviors and reporting them to local staff via the online WildCam forum.

And how they did it in remote places outside of any 3g network, I have no idea. I'm sure a series of tubes was involved. Check out the live feed here:

And then, if you can handle it, watch the amazing "Animal Confrontation" highlight reel.
Warning: the 2:50 mark shows evidence of the carnivorous food-chain. Unfortunately, it's an auto play video, so I'm having to link to it instead of embedding. Here is it: Totally Radical Animal Confrontations

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